Our many layers of knowledge bring your building into focus.  The Childcare Design Studio has overseen the development of childcare facilities in 17 states and over 30 municipalities. We understand that each state, county, and city has their own unique zoning and permitting requirements. Having this variety of experience from across the country helps our review and approval process move more smoothly each time.  We understand what the building code, fire code, and health codes require of child care facilities and we understand which code to follow when they conflict with each other.  We layer this knowledge with the understanding of each states’ childcare licensing regulations and playground safety requirements.  To help you understand as well, we've created this child care requirements map.  It highlights some of the special child care requirements from each state.

News from the Childcare Design Blog

The Basics of Budgeting for Starting a Childcare Center

Children are such a joy to be around. They're curious, kind beings with a wild imagination and huge hearts. Who wouldn't love working with them every day? These are a few reasons why many people think about starting a childcare center. Unfortunately, not...

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Early Childhood Role Playing

Early Childhood Role Playing. Children naturally turn to role-playing to become someone or something else. It stimulates their imagination and encourages friendship through cooperation, listening and taking turns. Mini playhouses like this one fit well into the inside...

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5 Daycare Design and Layout Ideas That Will Inspire You

Do you have a heart for serving young children and their families? Is opening a daycare something you want to do? Then proper daycare design has probably been something you've been worried about. There are over 15 million children in the U.S, that need child care. If...

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We're passionate about inspiring children and being their advocates. 

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