5 Interior Design Tips For Your Child Care Facility

Interior design is an important element for all child care centers. Keep reading for 5 interior design tips for your child care facility. P.T. Barnum the showman and founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus once said, "To me, there is no picture so beautiful as...

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Construction Terms

Construction Terms:  How to Talk the Talk Building a childcare center can be exciting. But even if this isn't your first rodeo, you will be dealing with mortgages, contracts, building design, change orders, warranties, inspections, escrow accounts... the list...

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Childcare Center for Business Offices

Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Childcare Center to your Business Office Complex If you're a parent, you understand that one of the hardest things to do is leave your child at a childcare center. Even the most cooperative kids don't seem to want to be separated from their...

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Building Child Care:
What 6 Items Cost the Most?

Building Child Care:  What 6 Items Cost the Most? A guide to help you make smart choices during the design of your child care center. Many people think childcare buildings are elaborate houses with a few extra restrooms added. Nothing could be further from the truth! ...

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Choosing Your Perfect Child Care Center Interior Design

Child care center interior design is often an afterthought when preparing a new center. When we think of child care centers, we think of kids running on a playground, or playing with toys in a carpeted room. But rarely, if at all, do we stop to consider the importance...

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The Best Childcare Location Affects Your Bottom Line

A strategic location is crucial for any business to flourish and the best childcare location is the one that fits your business goals. Of course, knowing your market matters a great deal to the success of your establishment, but the best location for your childcare...

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Child Care Center Design

Are you about to embark on a child care center design project, perhaps for the first time? These projects are becoming more common.  Even universities are introducing them to help support workers' families - so they're a good source of business.First, there are a...

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Childcare Interior Design – 5 Great Tips

Getting started with childcare interior design is a deceptively difficult task.  It seems as though it would be easy; just throw down some tables & chairs, put up some picture and you're set, right? Well, not exactly. Young kids require a daycare interior design...

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Design Inspiration: How to Organize Your Ideas

As you dream about how you want your childcare center to look, gather design inspiration ideas and photos of what you like.  Inspiration photos can be gathered from a number of sources.  We recommend using an idea collecting website like Pinterest or Houzz to create...

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Childcare in Commercial Development: 5 Reasons to Include It

Commercial development sets the course for business. And good commercial spaces magnify the businesses that occupy them.  Childcare in commercial development is a win-win for the whole community. As businesses have to account for the many sides of their employees'...

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5 Creative Child Care Center Design Styles

Design plays a huge role in a care center and child care center design styles can vary widely. While function is obviously more important than form, a unique design can keep the kids entertained and happy while encouraging creativity. Creative centers take...

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Child Care Designer Rebecca Calbert

Rebecca Calbert, AIA

Over the years I’ve come to realize that the joy I get from of being an architect is not about how big the building is, or how much money my client can afford to spend. What truly gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I’m helping my clients achieve one of their own fantastically large goals. I’m helping them accomplish something they couldn’t do alone.