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Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Childcare Center to your Business Office Complex

If you’re a parent, you understand that one of the hardest things to do is leave your child at a childcare center. Even the most cooperative kids don’t seem to want to be separated from their parents for even a moment. And experts agree that separation anxiety is a very real phenomenon.

1. Minimize Separation Anxiety

As previously mentioned, some children can’t stand to be away from their parents. This anxiety can become increasingly and may even result in an anxiety disorder. Adding a childcare center in an office complex minimizes the separation of parent and child which is important for a number of reasons. Aside from separation anxiety, children may have unique medical needs. If a parent is nearby, he or she can stop by and take care of the child temporarily. Furthermore, having their kids nearby seems to put parents at ease. If something goes wrong or they need to leave suddenly, there’s no need to rearrange their entire day. They can simply pick up the child from childcare and leave.

2. A Childcare Center Can Increase Productivity

Perhaps no type of commercial building benefits from childcare services as much as an office. How many times have you had a perfectly productive day, only to receive a call from your child’s school or childcare service telling you they need to be picked up? Suddenly, that wonderfully productive day comes to a screeching halt. But if the child is nearby, the parent may feel more inclined to pick up their child and continue working. Even just a few more moments of productivity can mean the difference between finishing a work task or deferring it until tomorrow.

3. It Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere for the Parents

Yet offices and shopping centers aren’t the only types of buildings that could benefit from childcare. The addition of childcare allows for a more relaxed experience from the parent regardless of the establishment. Let them unwind without worrying about what their kids are up to.

4. Childcare Has Cognitive Benefits

Placing children in childcare isn’t only great for their social learning, it can help improve their academic learning, as well. According to a study, children who attended childcare had higher reading and math scores when they started school. The reassurance that childcare teachers are developing the children with academically appropriate learning can put a parent’s mind at ease, knowing that their child will get a jump start on their education.

5. A Childcare Center Makes an Office Building More Appealing

Adding a childcare center is a fantastic way for businesses and office complexes to show that they value parents’ time and work/life balance. As a result, having an on-site center may make the building more appealing to prospective businesses and their employees.

Design Your Center Today: There are plenty of great reasons to add a childcare facility to a business office complex. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you call, the sooner you can attract new businesses to your office building.

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-This article was written by Rebecca Calbert. 

Rebecca is a licensed architect with over 30 years of experience.  She owns and operates an architectural firm, Calbert Design Group,  and educates her clients through the commercial real estate development process with online content at SaveOnBuilding.com.  Rebecca’s “purpose” is to educate small business owners and protect them from what they don’t know.

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